Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company has launched a new health app that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the “health age and type” of a person, taps into an ecosystem and provides a living service to customers.

I’m pleased to share news from our Japan team, which has drawn on our AI expertise to help Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company enhance its Kenko Dai-ichi (Health First) app.

The app includes a number of innovative features. For example, it can modify a photograph of a customer using optically scanned physical examination results and other lifestyle data. From that, it produces visual impressions of what the person will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years’ time. It can also determine the calorie count of a meal from a photo taken with the customer’s smartphone. And based on the information it has about each customer it can send medication or treatment alerts, offer relevant healthcare articles, and recommend and deliver health improvement courses.  

Many of the app’s features are available to everyone, although Dai-ichi’s customers get access to premium features. That’s very smart—many people will likely download the app out of curiosity alone, trying out the FaceAI feature to see what they might look like years from now. Secondly, it makes life insurance feel like a more relevant and personalized purchase, particularly to younger prospective customers. And finally, seeing a photo of yourself decades from now can be a wake-up call that prompts healthier behavior—to the benefit of both the individual and the life insurer.

The premium version of the Dai-ichi app also makes use of a broad ecosystem that wraps the insurance offering with a variety of related, but more interesting offers, aimed at helping people lead healthier lives. These include healthy recipes, advice on health improvement and scheduled interventions to assist with health management. These smart partnerships help the life insurer extend its value proposition beyond the initial purchase and create additional, more frequent customer touchpoints. This is a major step to becoming what we call a living business.

Kudos to the Accenture Japan team for providing integral support throughout the project, including selecting 24 companies involved in delivering the app, and coordinating the implementation. The Accenture team was also responsible for designing the app’s core functions, making usability and user interface design a priority. To learn more, read the news release here.

If you’d like to discuss how Accenture can help your organization harness the value of AI, mobile or digital transformation, please email me.

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