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4 strategic ways to achieve a 12 – 15% expense ratio

The global P&C personal lines market, which historically saw premium growth at 3%, has risen sharply to more than 15% in the last two years. Despite this premium growth, the expense ratio for most insurers remains in the high-cost range of 20…

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People On A Contemporary Bridge In London

Insurance News: London Calling

The UK is the historical birthplace of the modern insurance industry and where the London Market emerged as a hub for global risk. How are industry dynamics and new domestic challenges in claims and pricing shifting the landscape? It’s London Calling. We…

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Driving claims insights for insurance carriers

Strategic claims segmentation diverges from the traditional ways of managing claims, promoting a more detailed, data-driven approach.  Traditional segmentation only considers the monetary value and data points such as the cause of loss and the exposure. Strategic segmentation considers the individual merits…

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Coworkers Having A Business Meeting In The Office.

A new day for risk in insurance

Risk used to be relatively simple.  If a local bakery wanted insurance, you would worry about the structure, the location, how it operated and could have a pretty good view of its risk profile.  Today that same business is far more complicated…

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3 ways insurance underwriters can gain insights from generative AI

Generative AI (GenAI) has the potential to transform the insurance industry by providing underwriters with valuable insights in the areas of 1) risk controls, 2) building & location details and 3) insured operations. This technology can help underwriters identify more value in…

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International Women's Day 2024

Insurance News: International Women’s Day Special Edition

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are delighted to be part of a panel of extraordinary women leaders for this special edition of Insurance News Analysis. We discuss the strides being made toward gender equality and the work that remains.  So,…

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Life Insurance Predications

3 life insurance underwriting predictions for the year ahead

Life insurance stands on the cusp of a new chapter in reinvention. Until now, insurers have been gradually moving forward with wide-scale digital transformation. But with the impacts of AI, including generative AI, change is coming fast. We’re in a vibrant new…

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Maximizing investment in policy administration systems

Maximizing investment in policy administration systems

Today’s cloud-based policy administration systems (PAS) are designed to enable both P&C and Life insurers to manage policies through their entire lifecycle and are the foundation of carriers’ digital strategies. These types of platforms are a boon to carriers looking for ways…

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5 key generative AI use cases in insurance distribution

5 key generative AI use cases in insurance distribution

GenAI has taken the world by storm. You can’t attend an industry conference, participate in an industry meeting, or plan for the future without GenAI entering the discussion. As an industry, we are in near constant discussion about disruption, evolving market factors…

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5 predictions for the insurance industry in 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, while we see many challenges for the insurance industry, we meet these with optimism. Insurance is a resilient industry with a deep sense of purpose—offering people, families and businesses protection and a more secure future. What’s…

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