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The UK is the historical birthplace of the modern insurance industry and where the London Market emerged as a hub for global risk. How are industry dynamics and new domestic challenges in claims and pricing shifting the landscape? It’s London Calling.

We mark the 4th anniversary of Insurance News Analysis with this special edition recorded in our London studio. Kenneth Saldanha joins us to dive into the insurance topics that made headlines.

The London Market’s contribution to the UK’s GDP has increased. We discuss further growth opportunities for the London Market amid fierce competition from Bermuda and the US.

Gen AI continues to be a hot topic. We look at the impact of AI and Gen AI on the insurance workforce, what UK insurance leaders have to say about it and the benefits we expect AI could bring.

Taking a domestic view, we explore what’s driving price increases in motor insurance. Kenneth shares his take on the competitive nature of price comparison sites. We also consider how catastrophic events linked to climate change may increase the number of uninsurable homes across the UK.

Lastly, we discuss how pet insurance is a high-growth market and the opportunities to generate more value for not only pets and their owners, but also for pet insurers.