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Insurers harness cloud power and reduce tech debt

With all the buzz around ChatGPT and generative AI, it’s important to remember that cloud is the underpinning. Insurers will need to replatform by migrating to the cloud to enable innovation and growth through these new and emerging technologies. At the same…

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Intelligent ingestion: The start of commercial digital insurance

For over a decade, we have pretended to be paperless. We tout the fact that the file cabinets, the 7-part specialized file folders, and massive mail rooms have all been eliminated and reduced, and claim that we are paperless. But we know…

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Insurance News: Generative AI experience, efficiency and risk

Every day we see headlines about generative AI. For the insurance industry, this technology offers acceleration in many areas in which AI-led transformation is already underway. But, like any emerging technology, it also introduces new areas of risk. In this Insurance News…

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Insurance News: Driving telematics beyond the pricing lane

Inflation and cost-of-living headlines are on the rise. Such discussions often include increases in car insurance rates and potential savings to be found in pay-as-you-drive policies, but data from vehicle telematics can drive value far beyond pricing. In this Insurance News Analysis,…

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3 life insurance underwriting predictions for 2023

3 life insurance underwriting predictions for 2023

As the insurance industry continues to navigate the pace of change, complexity and uncertainty in our world, consumers continue to respond, expecting companies to be more responsive to their needs. This year’s underwriting predictions offer guidance on how carriers can respond faster.…

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Mainframe Modernisation

Why smart insurers are modernizing their mainframe now

In a market that calls on insurers to be agile and digitize at scale, an insurer’s mainframe can either catalyze or inhibit progress. While the mainframe was once a valuable core technological function, many legacy mainframes lack the agility to meet the…

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Insurance News: 2022 in review

As we near the end of 2022, the insurance industry is responding to disruption across all lines of business. From customers concerned about crypto losses to employers still assessing the risks of COVID-19, insurers are finding ways to offer protection. In this…

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How insurers can win the race to AI maturity

How insurers can win the race to AI maturity

Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s, but over the last several years the business potential of AI has expanded dramatically. We now live in a world where big data and powerful computational capabilities allow AI to flourish. Companies—including insurance carriers—are…

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Counting the insurance costs from the 2022 hurricane season

Insurance News: Counting the insurance costs from the 2022 hurricane season

Insurers and their customers in Florida may feel some relief with the end of this year’s hurricane season. But restoration from the damage left by Ian and Nicole is just beginning. And so are the questions about how the insurance industry will…

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Takeaways from InsureTech Connect 2022

Takeaways from InsureTech Connect 2022

This year’s InsureTech Connect conference brought together an incredible group of carriers and some of the industry’s most innovative insurtechs to connect over the technology that’s transforming the insurance landscape. ITC provided an opportunity to understand what’s happening in the insurance community…

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