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Exciting early results from unprecedented underwriting research

Underwriters know better than anyone the importance of taking the long view. But most research into underwriting captures just a single moment. Longitudinal underwriting studies are shockingly rare. That’s part of what makes this one so exciting. Accenture and The Institutes have…

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Strategic Resilience: What is it and why does it matter?

What does the phrase “strategic resilience” bring to mind? It probably makes you think about being prepared for the future. But how do you prepare for an unpredictable future, including rapidly evolving technological innovations, constantly evolving customer and employee preferences, expanding environmental…

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Three digital insurance innovations powering new business

Accenture predicts1 significant global growth in the insurance industry over the next five years. However, revenue pools will shift, and life insurers will need to innovate to gain a competitive advantage from not only product innovation, but also innovation in distribution channels. How much opportunity is at…

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What are digital twins and why should insurers care?

The insurance industry has been built on data since its inception. Meanwhile, several other industry sectors have proven that there’s a need for a fundamental shift in how data is used—a shift that’s going to have widespread implications for the future of…

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Insurance News: ITC edition with Kenneth and Jim

After a long hiatus, we were finally able to reconnect with friends and colleagues in person at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas for a few days. We also took the opportunity to sit down and record the first-ever in-person Insurance News Analysis together!  With the uncertainty everyone is feeling, there’s a lot of attention…

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How carriers can maximize agent performance

In my last post we explored the surprising resilience of the insurance agent in the face of predictions of their immediate demise, which stretch back at least 25 years. In sum, the news of the death of the agent has been greatly…

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Cyber insurance at the crossroads: Finding a path to profitable growth

Few lines have been talked up in recent years quite like cyber. Indeed, Accenture has predicted $25bn of growth in annual cyber premiums globally by 2025 – or a 500% increase on today’s ~$5bn GWP. Demand has never been higher. Neither have…

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How insurance actuaries can make the digital leap

Is there a digital insurance gap? Recent work from Accenture Research suggests that there is. Using a combination of qualitative research, economic modelling and a survey of 4,300 global executives, my colleagues found that digital leaders across industries—including insurance—are growing five times…

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The companies defining the ‘next’ in insurance

The recent Efma-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards were more than an opportunity to make the exceptional in insurance visible. They highlighted the most important trends shaping the strategic decisions of leading insurers. Over the past year, innovation within in insurance has gained…

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Insurance News: More risk to manage, fewer workers to help

Catastrophic events and rising temperatures linked to climate change continue to challenge insurers and their customers. Fortunately, power is being restored in areas affected by Hurricane Ida, but recovery is about more than turning the lights back on.  In this month’s Insurance News Analysis, Abbey Compton and…

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Exciting early results from unprecedented underwriting research

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Strategic Resilience: What is it and why does it matter?

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Three digital insurance innovations powering new business

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What are digital twins and why should insurers care?

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