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In 2020, COVID-19 has taken its toll. Unfortunately, just because we are saying good-bye to a tumultuous year, doesn’t mean we get to say good-bye to the pandemic or its impacts.

In this edition of the Insurance News Analysis, the last of the calendar year, Natalie de Freitas and I discuss impacts of the pandemic on insurers and on workers. As insurers re-state projected claims costs, questions linger over the future of business interruption as an insurance offering and the potential rise of parametric coverage.

Impacts on workers’ compensation are also complex. Fewer workplace injuries are perhaps the only silver lining on the dark cloud of COVID-19.

There is also interesting news in the auto space. Automakers are beginning to leverage their ownership advantage in the race to own vehicle usage data. The insurance pricing and claims capability available through telematics make this a race worth watching.

Natalie and I also take a moment to talk about our holiday plans for the later part of December and into the new year. While I’m not complaining, her plans do sound a bit more restful than mine.

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