In this interview with The Street, Accenture’s Mark Halverson explains how financial advisors have an opportunity to help people who are worried about outliving their retirement savings.

Watch the video: Retirement Worries Good News for Advisors, Says Accenture (2:44 minutes)

Accenture recently surveyed people in 15 countries around the globe about their retirement investments and found that 82 percent are concerned about outliving their money. Three of the survey’s major findings are that:

  • Most people understand that saving enough for retirement is their problem to solve.
  • Most are willing to act by investing upwards of 10 to 20 percent of their income to address their retirement income gap.
  • The majority (67 percent) of people do not know where to go for advice.

In short: There is a major opportunity right now for financial advisors to reach out and contact people about their retirement worries.

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