The Platform (R)evolution is fueling innovation and disruption, and along the way has enabled companies to compete in entirely different ways, capturing new growth and profit opportunities.  The platform serves as a blueprint for how a company will build, connect and deliver applications specific to industry problems, which often means teaming up with other companies to offer a great solution. GM’s onStar, for example, evolved from a safety-and-concierge service to a connected car platform, now offering real-time diagnostic, emergency, infotainment, and other services.  There’s an insurance component as well: Insurers offer discounts to onStar customers based on mileage and/or data onStar gathers.

Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015. Trend 3: The Platform Revolution
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To learn more about the Platform (R)Evolution and other trends shaping the insurance business of tomorrow, download the full report and the infographic: Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015.

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