In the insurance industry, we’re currently witnessing the birth of a new era of digital ecosystems. Insurers are combining their industry expertise with the power of digital technology to reshape their markets, fundamentally changing how they think about their businesses and mastering the shift from “me” to “we.”

Our Technology Vision for 2015 reveals how insurers are redefining their role in the “We Economy.” Five key trends emerge:

  • The Internet of Me: Our world, personalized. Forward-thinking insurers are changing the ways they build new applications, products and services to take advantage of the abundance of digital channels reaching into customers’ lives.
  • Outcome Economy: Hardware producing hard results. Leading insurers are using highly connected hardware components to give customers what they really want: not more products or services, but more meaningful outcomes.
  • The Platform (R)evolution: Defining ecosystems, redefining industries. Rapid advances in cloud and mobility are not only eliminating the technology and cost barriers associated with digital platforms, but also opening up this new playing field to enterprises across industries and geographies.
  • Intelligent Enterprise: Huge data, smarter systems—better business. Big data, analytics and cognitive computing are helping machines make more and better-informed decisions.
  • Workforce Reimagined: Collaboration at the intersection of humans and machines. Successful insurers will recognize the benefits of human talent and intelligent technology, including wearable devices and smart machines, working side by side.

To learn more, read Highlights – Stretching Industry Boundaries in the Digital Era.

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