Insurers that exploit emerging technology to increase transparency, improve data quality and re-engineer workflows of the claims process will be able to create completely new business models that were unimaginable a decade ago. Using technology to drive this transformation is exactly what the XL Group is doing—and it’s turning to Accenture’s Claim Components to lead the way.

A recent article in Property Casualty 360º explains how the software is playing a key role at XL:

“The advanced technology and industry leading claims software used by XL for XL GlobalClaim is based on Accenture’s Claim Components, is well-known to streamline claims processes and to make a company more effective and efficient in information exchange with internal and external customers,” said Michel Finschi, COO, insurance claims, XL Group.

Finschi goes on to say this about Accenture Claim Components:

“It has benefited XL Group’s overall business and customer satisfaction in a variety of ways—most importantly by enabling all global claims to be processed on a single platform in a consistent manner across the insurance segment. Through its simplified business structure and processes, XL will also realize cost savings and increased efficiencies for years to come.”

Read more on how XL is using technology as a strategic business tool and a competitive weapon, view the entire interview with Finschi here: Property Casualty 360º

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