This Wednesday I’m proud to be participating in the public launch of a very important Accenture study on women in the global economy, and how insurance can help protect them.

“SheforShield: Insure Women to Better Protect All” was produced by Accenture, the International Finance Corporation and AXA. It’s a comprehensive, unique report on the growth of female populations and businesses across the world – a market with the potential to grow to three times its current size to as much as $1.7 trillion by 2030.

The power of women entrepreneurs, especially in emerging economies, is only beginning to be realized. As these women gain more education, independence and economic leverage, they are also becoming empowered to seek out insurance that will protect their financial independence.

This is great news for the insurance industry, but it’s not enough for us to just acknowledge this market potential. A true end-to-end action plan calls for us to educate women on the importance of financial protection, collect and analyze pertinent data to help target their needs, and design products and services that meet those needs – today, in an increasingly digital environment.

I’m excited to be involved in this project, and looking forward to the launch of the report this Wednesday!

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