Outsourcing business processes shouldn’t be just about cost-cutting. Eight ways to turbo-charge your business process outsourcing.

Insurers have been outsourcing a range of functions and business processes for a long time, of course, but the motivating factor has typically been all about reducing cost. Reducing cost is always a good thing, I think we can all agree, but there’s much more to outsourcing—particularly of operations or business processes—than that.

This is particularly true now, when insurers face a total realignment of their value chain. This realignment is being driving by a massive change in the customer landscape, as well as the competitor landscape, as I previously explained. The only response is radical customer-centricity which will require digital transformation—the reason why so much money is being invested in it within the insurance industry.

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Digital transformation, though, is easier said than done because, in Accenture’s view, it requires a totally new business model that enables the flexibility and agility to respond rapidly to ever-shifting customer demands. This in turn means a totally new way of looking at procuring and maintaining the technology to make this possible.

Outsourcing operations, I believe, offers one way to shorten the journey to becoming a digital insurer because it can release the insurer from the straitjacket of lengthy, expensive and fundamentally inflexible IT projects. By starting to see the outsourcing provider as a strategic partner, insurers can gain the kind of flexibility and up-and-down scalability that they will need to prosper in a world driven by volatile customer demands.

They will also gain the input of a whole range of specialist skills and insights, both technology- and industry-related, as and when needed.

Time to take a fresh look at outsourcing in the light of the urgent drivers for digital transformation in the quest for profitable growth!

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