Customer-centricity is at the heart of many insurers’ strategies, so it’s more important than ever to know about customer attitudes and perceptions of insurance. Accenture research focused on this topic, with an emphasis on channel preferences, as well as product and service customization.


This report combines the results of two research studies. First, a North American study examined insurance consumer behaviors and preferences of 2500 individuals who had purchased life, home or auto insurance. We complemented that study with a global survey of general consumer preferences, focusing on emerging technologies such as social media and mobile, and included 1000 North Americans who had purchased insurance.

Key findings

Key findings of the study include:

  • Consumers will continue to rely upon the agent channel.
  • Compared with other older shoppers, a higher proportion of younger respondents would consider using social media to research insurance products.
  • Consumers value being able to interact with insurers in ways that are convenient, natural and meet with their expectations.
  • North American consumers are reasonably satisfied with their insurance carriers and would stay with their current carrier.
  • A significant number (18 percent) of consumers said they would be very likely to use an aggregator to buy insurance.
  • Consumers see banks as a preferred advisor and a possible source of one-stop financial services shopping.

Addressing opportunities with multi-channel distribution

This study exposed numerous opportunities for insurers. Successful insurers will be those that capitalize on these opportunities to deliver a consistent multi-channel experience that is targeted at individual customer segments.

To learn more, download New Channels Create New Growth Opportunities for Insurers: North American Insurance Distribution Survey Findings

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