The impact of intelligent automation (IA) will be felt by everyone throughout the enterprise. Here are five ways the insurance HR function can help prepare people for the changes.

More than a buzzword, intelligent automation (IA) has wide-ranging implications for insurers. The collective impact of IA will be felt by everyone throughout the enterprise, requiring changes to jobs, teams and workforces, as well as organizational culture, structure and governance. And accordingly, it’s critical that the HR function prepare people for the changes.

In their recent report, Intelligent Automation in Financial Services: An unprecedented opportunity for HR to drive digital transformation, my colleagues Mitch Lassman and Yohann Bollack outline a five-step roadmap to help the HR function support intelligent automation within their organization:

  1. Develop the vision. An effective IA vision includes a company-wide talent strategy and a C-suite champion who can support a top-down approach.
  2. Define the policy. Designate a cross-functional team, with a dedicated budget and executive-level stakeholders, which can define objectives by business needs and support initiatives with IT capabilities.
  3. Establish priorities. Examine the impact and potential of IA on the organization and the workforce. This includes identifying priorities for governance changes, setting expectations for adoption, and establishing new approaches to talent management and training.
  4. Acquire capabilities. Develop and pilot a training program to prepare people for IA, including filling talent needs and defining new skills for workers whose roles will be supported by artificial intelligence.
  5. Manage the change. Establish a comprehensive change management approach to support rapid adoption of IA, as well as clear metrics that indicate when to abandon current projects in favor of new initiatives.

The HR function can help drive digital transformation

While insurers have yet to extensively bring IA into the enterprise, it’s likely that when adoption happens, it will happen quickly. To avoid being caught at a disadvantage, it’s critical to begin preparing today.

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