In our continuing look at digital innovators in the life & health industry, today we examine what two Asian insurers are doing to digitalize their businesses.

China Pacific Insurance (CPIC) is elevating the customer experience with Samsung Galaxy tablets

The insurer recognized that its customer service was ineffective and outdated. Without on-demand access to the company’s system, agents couldn’t complete sales activities in a timely manner. CPIC needed a mobile solution to innovate its sales processes, providing agents with flexible access to the system. The answer was the use of Samsung tablets, which are transforming the sales process and creating new opportunities for agents, who can deliver superior service anywhere with connectivity to company software.

Fukoku Life Insurance introduced text mining tools to analyze customer calls

Fukoku Life, a midsized Japanese life insurer, receives 600,000 claims or inquiries annually from customers through call centers and agents. Previously, 20 staffers had to cull “complaints” from these calls, each devoting 21 hours per week to the task. After introducing IBM’s text mining system, Fukoku decreased the number of claims needed to be assessed by humans from 3,000 to 300 per day. The automatic classification also shortened the lead time of analysis. Fukoku plans to upgrade the application to automatically classify calls into 37 categories, and is introducing a voice text mining system to apply directly to calls in the customer service center.

As in the examples we’ve shared over the last few weeks, these two illustrate how technological enhancements are helping CPIC and Fukoku’s sales and claims employees to do their jobs more quickly, efficiently and accurately.

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