Because digital is changing the needs of the workforce, and because image matters in the fight for talent, insurance carriers today don’t have an edge in the talent war. But tomorrow they might.

There are three things insurers must do now to stay ahead of the talent curve, and they relate to acquisition, development, re-skilling and retention:

The insurance workforce of the future: why will so many insurers fail to achieve their digital potential?
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  1. Transform the employee experience. Insurers need to take a page from the customer playbook and use new technologies in innovative ways to engage, delight and retain the talent they have. They can, for example, use recruitment apps and game-based assessment and selection tools in hiring and performance management.
  1. Re-invent on-the-job learning. Use digital to tap into new hires’ and existing workers’ appetite for learning with customized training at the point of need. This will help them to perform at high levels in a fast paced, dynamic world.
  1. Re-shape the talent supply chain. Insurers need to fundamentally rethink their talent acquisition and retention strategies. One thing they can do is position themselves in a broader talent ecosystem by forging innovative educational collaborations.

As the digital revolution changes the way companies work, insurers will need to re-think their approach to engaging and enabling their workforce. Only those carriers that redefine how they identify, source and develop their talent will thrive.

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