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The holidays are upon us. As we consider all that’s happened this year and what the new year may bring, we reconnect with our families and friends both far and near. We are also reminded of the risks they face and the risks facing the planet we all share. 

In this final Insurance News Analysis of 2021, Abbey Compton and I reflect on COP26, which took place last month in Glasgow. The insurance industry’s role in creating greater resilience for vulnerable countries and communities was a key part of the discussion and a driver of the new Global Resilience Index Initiative 

Around the world, farmers and others dependent on the agriculture sector are feeling the impacts of climate change. We discuss ways insurers can help achieve greater resilience in agriculture. 

With the holidays coming, many of us will be procuring the latest tech gadgets. While our kids may at times be more tech-savvy than ourselves, the World Economic Forum is raising concerns about the need for inclusive technology for older adults. Inclusive technologies applied using connected and IoT devices can enable seniors looking to age in place and help minimize costs associated with increased levels of care. 

For insurance customers whose plans are being disrupted by travel restrictions, Cancel For Any Reason insurance may seem like the only option. As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and new variants appear, insurers will need to work with their customers to mitigate and manage the associated risks, including trip cancellation. 

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