The Efma Accenture Insurance Innovation Awards program, a new joint initiative from Efma and Accenture, aims to identify and award the most innovative insurance initiatives and projects around the world. Presented at the Efma Insurance Summit in Milan on June 9, 2016, these awards give insurers a chance to showcase their novel ideas and brilliant innovations.

One of the categories I am particularly excited about is the “Best Disruptive Product or Service category”, looking at how and to what degree insurers can disrupt their model to provide entirely new value proposition to their clients. The good news is that we had many candidates in this category, many of them moving presenting forms of real time prevention and we therefore have a nice set of nominees including in alphabetical order, :


“Are You OK?” is a mobile application that helps users detect when their parent is lost or has been inactive for a significant period of time. If requested, AXA Assistance can be there to assist with emergencies. This innovative product enables AXA to take care of the wellbeing of their customers, and gives seniors who live alone and their children peace of mind.

Europ Assistance Group: Connect et Moi

The Connect et Moi solution, developed in partnership with French startup SeniorAdom, is based on a learning expert system that learns the habits of a person at home. It addresses key prevention and emergency issues for seniors by capturing motion: fall detection, poor nutrition, dehydration or a decrease in activity.

Servizurich: Zurich® Spider SenseZ

Zurich® Spider SenseZ is a mobile application that sends alerts to users based on risk events taking place near them (such as weather alerts and dangerous places), actions performed (such as payments and purchases) and others. The application provides a mitigation action for each risk, and the possibility to increase the coverage to mitigate specific risks.

Telenor India: Telenor Suraksha (Free Life Insurance)

Telenor Suraksha is an innovative Life Insurance product offering—a first from a telecommunications company in India—targeting people living in low-mid tier towns who generally find insurance products complicated and expensive. It’s simple and easy to use, requires no documentation, provides short-term (30-day) coverage that can be renewed easily and offers claim settlement within just 7 days.

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co.: Auto insurance for autonomous vehicle public road experiment

TMNF is the first insurance company in Japan to participate in and support the development and experiments of autonomous vehicles on public roads. The company invented a tailor-made auto insurance solution for autonomous test vehicles that covers liability and breakage caused by traffic accidents, breakage during prototyping and assembly, cost of investigation and other expenses arising from accidents and cyber-attacks.

Vakif Emeklilik: VEPLUS

VEPLUS, a wearable technology app, tracks customers’ health activities such as number of steps, calories burned, sports and exercises engaged in. It also provides health tips and offers customers customized insurance premiums. The company also hopes to gain additional knowledge about damage and loss.

In our next post, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the nominees in the Claims Management category.

In the meantime, to learn more, you can register on Efma website to view all the nominees.

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