Over the course of this series, I’ve been discussing the crucial role of the CMO in driving a company’s shift toward customer-centricity. At Accenture, our experience is that successful marketing transformations begin with collaboration between the chief marketing and sales officers, and their respective organizations. Underpinning that collaboration is a mutual objective to lead initiatives that are customer-centric and profit-driven.

In addition, we have noted other contributors to success:

  • Clear understanding of the roles of marketing and sales across the company.
  • Alignment of marketing and sales strategies to the corporate agenda, as well as the organization’s profitable growth.
  • Defined strategic market segments and micro-segments that the company should target.
  • A commitment to designing innovative solutions aligned to consumers’ needs, interests and circumstances, and delivered through the most appropriate distribution channels.
  • Fostering capabilities that enable prospects and customers to engage with the brand across traditional and emerging channels.
  • An agile organization that effectively anticipates, influences and responds to changes. This can include, but is not limited to, shifts in the global and local market, consumer preferences, channel choices, technology and regulatory landscape.
  • Establishing governance, values and behaviors that drive a company’s decisions across its brands, markets, customers, products, geographies and channels.

To help insurers achieve successful marketing transformations, my colleague Julio Rivera has developed the Insurance CMO Agenda for Marketing Transformation. I encourage you to learn more about how it can help your organization achieve high performance.

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