Insurers need to embrace digital as part of an end-to-end, top-to-bottom vision. Focusing on segmentation and channel-specific user experiences is key to meeting customer expectations.

Consumers used to compare their experience with insurers against what happened with other insurance companies. Today, the benchmark for customer experience is blind to industry lines—and companies like Amazon and Apple set the standards for customer expectations. For someone used to one-click ordering and receiving purchases within 24 hours, the notion of filing claims on paper or waiting several weeks for an update can feel positively archaic. And customer expectations are fluid: as technology changes and standards shift, so will their expectations for insurers.

In this video, my colleague Darcy Dague and I discuss some of the challenges that insurers—and in particular, claims leaders—face in meeting and exceeding increasingly liquid customer expectations.

Digital is a key enabler of success, and when integrated throughout the enterprise as part of a strategic vision, it can help insurers deliver the customer experience they need to, while still maintaining the rigor needed for effective claim handling.

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