As insurance distribution becomes increasingly digital, many insurers are refocusing their agents to offer a valuable human touch and drive better customer outcomes.

When many insurers are shifting their focus to wholly digital service, where does the insurance agent fit? Accenture research reveals that many insurers are rethinking the agency channel. For example, insurers are refocusing agents to stages of the sales process where they add the greatest value, and empowering agents with the ability to advise, rather than merely sell.

The question is, how can insurers help agents adapt to their new roles and responsibilities? That’s the topic of this Insurance Insight of the Week video.

Insurers are determined to change agents’ behavior

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Insurance agents’ roles are changing, and so are the ways insurers incentivize their behavior. 63% of insurers place a high priority on refocusing agents where they can add the most value. 79% of insurers are redesigning their remuneration model - or discussing it - for today's omnichannel environment.

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How strongly will you incentivize your sales agents for the following behavior in 3 years' time?

Clearly, agents play an important role within the insurance distribution ecosystem—albeit a changing role. For insurers to be able to best position their agents for success among digital channels, they must create structures and provide incentives to help existing agents adapt to new roles. New agent recruitment will also need to evolve; insurers will need to seek a different skill set and support new agents to add a valuable human touch to the distribution process.

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