Globally, most insurance customers are satisfied with their providers—but some customers are more satisfied than others.

Last week, I introduced the Accenture Claims Customer Survey. Globally, we found that 93 percent of respondents were satisfied with their insurance providers.

Of the nearly 8,000 customers we surveyed, 40 percent had filed a claim within the past two years. Of these respondents, we asked how satisfied they were with the claims process. Some highlights:

  • The most satisfied claimants live in Denmark (92 percent) and the Netherlands (91 percent).
  • The least satisfied claimants live in Italy, where only 74 percent of claimants were satisfied with their experience. That’s more than one-quarter of customers who had an unsatisfactory claims experience.
  • Similarly, in Brazil and Spain, 76 percent of claimants were satisfied with their experience.
Global claims survey - satisfaction with insurance providers
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In general, there were similar levels of satisfaction with the claims process for auto and home insurance. One notable exception was Brazil, where respondents were twice as likely to be dissatisfied with their home insurance claims experience (38 percent, compared to 18 percent for auto).

Next week, I’ll look at our research findings on customers’ propensity to switch—whether it’s related to their satisfaction with their insurer, and what role the claim plays. In the interim, I invite you to dig into the data yourself, using our interactive visualization tool.

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