Enhancing collaboration from carrier to customer
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What do customers want from the claims process? Accenture research shows that customers want a fast, transparent claims process, and that they expect to be able to use multiple channels, as they choose—including digital channels. This last point is notable—since many insurers have adopted digital channels for insurance applications, payment and profile updates, their customers expect similar capabilities at point of claim.

Smartphones are a natural choice for enhancing collaboration between insurers and their customers. For example, customers can upload photos via their phone, and update profile information so the claims center representative or adjuster doesn’t have to. Another option is to use video capabilities to enable real-time claim estimates. As a result, insurers can improve customer engagement and satisfaction, and foster stronger relationships for better retention.

Clearly, there are many benefits to using collaboration tools in the claims process—but it’s not without its challenges. Next week, I’ll talk about common barriers to adoption, and what insurers can do to address them.

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