A new era in insurance: Cloud computing changes the gameOver the past several weeks we’ve examined cloud technology and why it’s important to the life insurance industry. Today we’ll talk about Accenture’s efforts to help organizations increase the operating efficiency, cost structure, governance and control of their cloud applications.

In September, we entered into an agreement to acquire Cloud Sherpas, a leader in cloud advisory and technology services specializing in Google, Salesforce and ServiceNow platforms. More than 1,000 Cloud Sherpa professionals joined the new Accenture Cloud First Applications team, positioning us to better assist our clients in creating differentiated cloud services across leading and emerging application platforms.

And in October, Accenture released a new and enhanced version of the Accenture Cloud Platform, a multi-cloud management platform that allows organizations to centrally manage all of their enterprise cloud resources—public and private—and automates and accelerates the delivery of cloud solutions. This open, scalable technical cloud platform allows services to be ramped up or down as needed, and manages and integrates with technology from leading global cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft.

Key features include:

  • Cloud mover, which simplifies requesting and automating virtual-machine migration
  • Cross-cloud transparency, which lets users create and manage their own resource “tags” to organize data
  • ServiceNow integration, which gives users a fully integrated self-service IT service management experience.

For life insurers of all sizes, this new platform reduces the time to implement new cloud solutions, improves the cost efficiency and optimization of IT by as much as 40 percent, and enhances the governance and control of cloud management.

As we get deeper into digital disruption, cloud technology will play a growing role in the life insurance sector. If you’d like to share what your organization is doing with the cloud, please share a comment here so we can discuss.

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