Insurers that develop business resilience capabilities can not only better manage cyber risk—they can also enable innovation and capitalize on new opportunities.

All too often, risk management is thought of as an exercise in limitation. But when insurers fully understand the potential issues that can arise from our increasingly connected world, they can plan ahead to mitigate the impact of cyber risk—and the repercussions on their brand, business and customers. In this Insurance Insight of the Week, I’ll look at how insurers can balance protection and enablement.

Risk management can enable innovation and opportunity

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How insurers can boost resilience in the face of cyber risk (infographic)

These findings from Accenture Strategy show that insurers have a way to go in fostering business resilience within their organizations. But in doing so, they don’t just improve resilience—they also position themselves to better capture new opportunities and drive new innovations. In short, managing cyber risk can—and should—become part of doing business.

View the full infographic from Accenture Strategy for more findings, and three steps to help insurers foster resilience.

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