We’ve looked at key models and considerations for leveraging fulfilment capabilities to drive an improved customer experience. As technologies and capabilities evolve over the next three to five years, so will customer expectations. To help financial services companies prepare for the future, Accenture identified four areas that they need to start thinking about today.

Self-service and alternative channels

The trend towards self-service will continue to expand as customers rely more on mobile and other digital options. Similarly, alternative channels are appearing regularly. For example, micro ATMs are being deployed at shops in rural areas of India where bank ATMs cannot be opened due to a lack of technology and skills. Alternative channels will create new ways to reach target segments but need a robust and accessible IT backbone to support them.

Influence marketplace

In the influence marketplace, it’s critical that a company’s services and solutions be noteworthy enough to share with others. Whether those channels are more traditional, such as neighbours comparing notes, or the latest social media site, the most effective currency will be influence.

Own the customer relationship; service brokered products

As the marketplace becomes more competitive, third party product offerings are being used to help improve customer experience and broaden a company’s portfolio of solutions. Even though the solutions derive from another company, it is up to the trusted financial services company to take ownership of the customer relationship to meet the customer need.

Data and predictive analytics driving share of wallet

Increasingly sophisticated data collection and predictive analytics will enable financial services companies to obtain a more comprehensive household view. As this capability evolves, it is critical for companies to use that insight to create a more distinctive customer experience. This includes not only seamless service, but also the ability to cross-sell and suggest next best offers at a highly personalized level.

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