Technology has always been an important business component, but increasingly, technology has become a business driver. From customer expectations to legacy systems, technology affects all aspects of the enterprise.

Furthermore, it isn’t enough to know what has happened in technology. Today’s insurers need to know about what the future holds and adapt accordingly. By adopting a proactive, rather than reactive, approach, high performance is possible.

Accenture has released its Technology Vision 2011, which highlights key technology trends and the core capabilities that businesses require to compete effectively moving forward. Touching on trends such as data privacy, analytics and cloud computing, there are three threads that run through the report:

Three threads run through the report:

  • Things will be distributed. This includes data, services and analytics—and all the concerns that come with this shift: privacy, identity and security.
  • Things will be decoupled. Silos and dependencies are being taken apart, promising agility and flexibility—and calling for a different mindset, skill set and governance.
  • Things will be analyzed. Advances in analytics mean that we can track everything from keystrokes to consumer behavior, providing deep intelligence to inform the business. At the same time, this drives data privacy concerns and requires company leaders to recognize the significance of this technology.

To learn more, download Accenture Technology Vision 2011.

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