Accenture recently released Enabling Agility: A roadmap for successful claims system transformation. This report identifies three steps that insurers can take on their journey toward claims core platform transformation. In this blog post, I’ll discuss the second step: identifying technology.

What technology will you use?

Last week, I discussed the importance of having a strong, well-defined business case in place for claims system transformation. With that in hand, insurers should then identify the technology that will help them achieve the future vision identified in the business case.

Insurers should consider the following questions:

  • Will you implement a full claims suite, or certain components?
  • How will your chosen technology integrate within the enterprise? Consider integration with legacy systems and adjunct systems, as well as any additional applications or technologies that plug into the claims function.
  • How will your chosen technology interact with future technology? While no one can predict the future, it is prudent to consider your organization’s future technology plans and select claims technology that aligns with them.
  • Will your chosen technology be compatible with your claims data, or will you need to consider data conversion? Will the claims data from your new technology integrate with downstream systems, such as accounting?

Above all, insurers should consider the big picture: How does the chosen technology enable the future vision identified in the business case, and enable the potential benefits of claims system transformation?

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