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I am delighted that my colleague Tony Steadman joined me to discuss the latest industry headlines in this month’s Insurance News Analysis. Tony is making news himself as a founding member of the just-launched Black Insurance Industry Collective (BIIC). 

In this edition, Tony, Abbey Compton and I talk about the purpose and goals of the BIIC. The need to solve for specific obstacles facing demographic segments traditionally underrepresented in the insurance industry is acute. I’m proud that Accenture is part of this initiative and grateful to Tony for representing us. 

We also discuss workforce research conducted by The Hartford. Their research shows a direct correlation between employee mental well-being, mental health support, and the impact to a company’s bottom line. As Tony and I discuss, there are learnings and implications for insurers offering group and voluntary benefits and for all insurers considering workforce transformation programs. 

We also talk about another concern impacting insurers everywhere—cloud transformation. The need to accelerate to the cloud is universal. Tony and I talk about what we are seeing and hearing as insurers address the challenge of moving core insurance applications to the cloud. 

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