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After a long hiatus, we were finally able to reconnect with friends and colleagues in person at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas for a few days. We also took the opportunity to sit down and record the first-ever in-person Insurance News Analysis together! 

With the uncertainty everyone is feeling, there’s a lot of attention on the insurance industry. We begin our discussion with the attention coming from investors, including the increase in insurtech venture capital investment over the last five years and more recent increases in investment in cyber insurers.   

This is also National Disability Employment Awareness Month and a chance to elevate inclusion and diversity. We discuss ways insurers are promoting fairness both for the workforce and for insurance customers. For example, one insurance start-up is using AI and customer behavior data to defy over-reliance on demographic data. 

We also continue to be impressed with the creativity and innovation we see across the industry and particularly in public-private partnerships. The World Economic Forum featured a story on how a natural resource can become an insured asset. These are the kinds of product innovations that inspire us and demonstrate ways our industry can make communities more sustainable and resilient. 

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