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Since taking the global lead role for Accenture’s Insurance industry sector a few months ago I have worked closely with our team and our clients to overcome the challenges presented by COVID-19.

On May 25, another crisis struck close to home with the heartbreaking death of George Floyd here in Minneapolis and the civil unrest that has followed. I’m grateful that my family and friends remain safe as we look for ways to help our community and our world heal from the wounds of inequality and violence.

Moments like these put in perspective our more trivial aggravations from “stay at home” orders, but the need to return to work remains for the health of global and local economies. Our insurance clients are considering strategies for a safe return to work for their employees while coping with increasingly frequent and complex industry disruptions.

Insurance will continue to make news. As I join my Accenture colleagues on our blog channel, part of what I will deliver will be ongoing news analysis video and audio discussions with Natalie de Freitas, Media & Analyst Relations Lead. Natalie and I will take a deeper look at the latest headlines to better understand how insurance industry disruption and convergence will take shape and how we can help our clients outmaneuver uncertainty.

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