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After a year of COVID-19 and a host of societal shifts impacting work and life, insurance customers have a new set of expectations. They want both continuous support and to better understand the value of insurance products.

In this month’s Insurance News Analysis, Natalie de Freitas and I discuss how the industry must change in response to these new customer demands.

Reimagining insurance means creating a different way of interacting with customers, a different set of products and services, and different internal operations to support them. This new approach will help today’s customer understand the relationship between the perceived risk and the value of the policy.

Natalie and I also talk about apprenticeship programs that are helping insurers increase diversity within their workforces and the challenges of professional development in a virtual setting.

And speaking of professional development, it’s time for a career move for Natalie. She is taking a new role with Accenture and has been called away from the Insurance News Analysis. I’m grateful for her help getting this series launched and wish her every success in her new role.

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