As the insurance industry is disrupted, insurers are harnessing the power of technology and seizing new opportunities. With these resources, explore how you can redefine business and operating models and position yourself for growth. 

End-to-Endless Customer Service

It’s time to think about service in a different way. To transform service from reactive to regenerative.

Tech Vision 2022: Meet Me in the Metaverse

The next wave of digital change is here, providing forward-looking companies with an opportunity to act today to be ready for the future.

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The Future of Procurement: Aon's Story

When Mike Benvenuto, Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Aon, earned a seat at the table to help advance plans for sustainability, diversity and managing through a global pandemic, he knew procurement’s role had changed. To talk about this change, he joined more than 150 business and industry experts at Accenture’s Future-Ready Forum and unpacked what successful leaders are doing differently to thrive in this time of compressed transformation. Learn more.