We hear a lot of talk about the need for successful individuals to achieve work-life balance. But too often, this important element is cast in light of a “woman’s issue.” In fact, work-life balance is everyone’s issue. If an organization’s employees can’t find time to deal with problems at home, it will be impossible for them to give 100 percent on the job.

This realization came to me through my recent role as one of the judges for the recent AmCham Women of Influence Conference & Awards, which selects women who stand out in their industries in Hong Kong.

In the Nov. 27 South China Morning Post, I discuss how even the most motivated workers need help from their employers to strike a balance between work and home–and ways in which management teams can provide that help. Mentoring and career development, support networks, flexible workplaces and recognition and respect for diversity are just a few ways in which organizations can help employees strike that balance between the worlds of work and home.

Please read the full article, “Work-Life Balance an Issue for Everyone” for more ways businesses can help their employees in this critical area.

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