Technology is no longer just the purview of the IT department or the chief information officer (CIO). Today, digital technology is a key enabler of customer interactions and offers chief marketing officers (CMOs) the opportunity to analyze and integrate information, optimize campaigns, and engage customers across sales, service and loyalty. In short, technology enables marketing success. However, in the Accenture CMO Insights Survey, only 1 percent of C-suite executives surveyed said that the CMO was responsible for digital innovation within their company.

It’s time for CMOs to get off the digital sidelines. In an article for Outlook, my colleague Glen A. Hartman writes that CMOs and CIOs should collaborate as strategic partners. The CMO has an intimate knowledge of the brand while the CIO has deep expertise in data and analytics, and a whole-enterprise view. Insurers can combine the two skill sets to create the seamless brand experience that today’s customers demand

Notably, digital changes the way that companies organize and operate. Insurers will need new success metrics that align with effective customer experiences. They may also need to adjust internal attitudes to become more customer-centric. That is, to prioritize customer goals first—and re-engineer initiatives, operating models and skills to help customers achieve their goals.

For examples of how leading companies are creating better customer experiences by aligning CMO and CIO objectives, read “How CMOs and CIOs can work together to win the digital customer” by Glen A. Hartman.

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