Just-in-time (JiT) marketers capture more revenue than their peers and are more confident in their ability to achieve growth targets—and they’ve done it by abandoning conventional marketing wisdom.

The drive to digital has created a growing disconnect between insurers’ growth plans and marketing organizations’ confidence in achieving them. To bridge the gap, high-performing marketing functions have traded in conventional marketing techniques for just-in-time (JiT) marketing.

In this Insurance Insight of the Week, we examine the differences between conventional and JiT marketing.

JiT marketers have abandoned three main principles of conventional marketing wisdom

Accenture global research found that more than 60 percent of cross-industry JiT marketers are very satisfied with their ability to target only in-market customers—compared with just 40 percent of non-JiT marketers. Similar results were observed among insurance marketers specifically.

Just-in-time marketers achieve revenue growth that outpaces their peers

What’s more, the underlying capabilities required for JiT marketing—including proficiency with data and analytics, optimizing the customer journey and adopting more agile processes—are critical to success in today’s digitally driven world.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll look at how insurers can adopt JiT practices to get more from their marketing function. Join me next week as I discuss the importance of investing in the customer experience.

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