Last week we talked about how digital disruption is changing the insurance workforce. Today we will take a closer look at some of the specific tools insurers are using to achieve this transformation.

The digital revolution is providing a host of new tools that insurers can use to recruit, collaborate, and train their employees. Accenture’s research reveals that 80 percent of insurers use “just-in-time” learning and social learning to build skills almost in real time.

Learning in the new insurance workforce can take place anytime, anywhere.

And in an increasingly socially driven age, the line between learner and expert is blurred, with a network of socially endorsed experts augmenting the credentialed faculty. Networking also allows for internal crowdsourcing to leverage collective intelligence and experience.

The insurance workforce of the future: Why will so many insurers fail to achieve their digital potential?
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Rather than the traditional instructor-led format, connectivity enables everyone to learn from each other. “Learning circles” that promote online discussion allow employers to extend the learning process both before and after formal training.

Another popular tool adopted for training from the social media world is gamification. By harnessing the popularity of gaming, employers are incorporating gaming elements into courseware and applying basic gaming elements across the enterprise to support change and teach new skills and behaviors. Gaming also allows for experimentation and failure in a safe environment to create innovation and greater business results.

Big data is playing an increasing role in all aspects of insurer operations, and learning is no exception. Insurers are applying predictive analytics to measure and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their learning operations.

Speaking of data analytics, this is another major force in the changes happening within the insurance workplace. Next week we will take a closer look at how this trend is driving big changes in the industry.

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The insurance workforce of the future: Why will so many insurers fail to achieve their digital potential?

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