Last time, I looked at what companies in other industries are doing to become customer-centric. This time, I thought I would use this particular social medium to act like the customer I am, and communicate some of things I desire from my own insurance company; in other words, the kind of simple expectations I have as a valued customer and so far have not been able to find:

  • I want an online “folder of record” that will replace the three-kilogram box of outdated policies, terms and conditions and so on. I want to receive and agree to new terms and conditions electronically.
  • Please can I have one consolidated bill for all the policies I hold with an insurance company. I really don’t want individual invoices for each policy. I also don’t want hard-copy invoices.
  • If you’re going to send me brochures advertising new products or services, please send them only once. At present I get copies of the same brochure with each communication I receive. One communication with all the information consolidated in it would be good; even better would be only to send me information in which I’m interested. I’d be happy to tell the company what this is, but only provided it stores my preferences and acts on them!
  • I’d like my insurance company to help me manage the risk of burglary by negotiating a better, cheaper security service for me and my neighbors.
  • I’d also value some honest, independent consulting that covers all my insurance needs, from credit card travel insurance to mandatory health and life insurance , even including the Accenture-specific policies I have. What I’m looking for is an integrated assessment of what I have and then, perhaps, what I lack—as well as a total management facility.
  • My insurer is very adept at communicating with me by mail, but I would appreciate communication via other channels as appropriate to the circumstances. A video call, for example, would be a good way to handle part of a claim or renewal procedure, while an SMS would suffice to remind me of a coverage issue and options to close immediately once I land in a foreign country.

We insurance customers need to think carefully about what they would actually value, and then have a responsibility to make our voices heard. Too often we keep our desires to ourselves and then get frustrated when the company doesn’t provide what we want! I challenge all my fellow insurance customers to join me in raising our voices, expecting more and thus helping our insurance companies adapt to our real needs.

Next time, I’d like to continue this theme by exploring just what a customer-first insurance company looks like.

2 responses:

  1. Along with yours I’d add:
    1. I’d like some assurance about coverages (i.e. explain to me, in human language, the scenarios in which products will typically pay out and, indeed, when they might not pay out)
    2. Don’t use jargon or legalese in any communications with me. I’m a human, not an automaton.
    3. Don’t send me policy documents that are longer than novels like Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
    4. Don’t penalise me for my loyalty
    5. If your list of add-on products is so long then consider rolling them up into simpler products

  2. Thanks Stu for this. While I appreciate you and hopefully more people adding to the wishlist I wonder how can we make this heard best? Any ideas would be welcome. I believe the voice of the consumer is important as it seems that this is the only language that the insurance industry is learning to understand and then become pro-active to embark on a journey to become more customer-centric,

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