Throughout this series, I’ve discussed how AI can help unlock the value of health data. In this final post, I wanted to take a brief look at Accenture’s new AI-driven technology, the Intelligent Patient Platform (IPP), enables insights and outcomes from research and development to be applied commercially.

The IPP is the supporting technology for Accenture’s Intelligent Patient Services, a suite of outcomes-based services that help life sciences companies provide better, more informed support for their patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Comprised of four integrated solutions and underpinned by proprietary technology, Accenture’s IPP securely ingests and appropriately manages data, analyzes the data, and creates tailored action plans for individual claimants across multiple therapeutic areas and patient populations. It also helps connect patients to providers and care counsellors. As a smart platform, it has the ability to connect with patients’ wearable and medical devices to carry out in-depth analyses for individuals. These can result in more accurate approaches to prevention and recovery. And because Accenture is a global company, so too is our platform. Our IPP supports US, European, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets with translations in 15 languages.

The Intelligent Patient Platform underpins the entire data-to-action cycle, and can relate new and existing data sources using AI. It can equip insurance providers with intelligent decision-making criteria while allowing for analysis of large data sets over time.This enables a fluid understanding of the claimant profile.

With an active platform integrating data from multiple sources, insurance providers gain an important advantage. This requires trust in the data, but with the right leadership and support, the IPP has the potential to streamline processes, increase wellness at every step of the value chain, and create a positive end-to-end insurance experience.

To read more about the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform, please visit our website where you can find several case studies of it already in action. To connect with me, please contact me directly here.

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