New data sources, better analytics and more automation are giving insurers expanded options for improving underwriting quality and productivity—but is making the investment in technology enough? Our latest North American Commercial Insurance Underwriting Survey reveals a surprising fact: half of underwriters believe newly implemented technologies have not met expectations. What’s more, half feel their workload has actually increased because of technology. These revelations point to the fact that just investing in underwriting technology is not enough; insurers need to do more.

In this podcast, I take a closer look at how insurers can maximize the potential of underwriting technology and achieve returns on their investments as a result.

Next week I’ll conclude my series by focusing on the future of underwriting.

Accenture Insurance Podcast Series: North American Commercial Insurance Underwriting Survey 2013 - Part 2
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  1. Nice article by John Mulhall! It is true that just spending money and advancing the system is not enough. I prefer that there should always be proper training sessions related to underwriting techniques as well as customer services.

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