Earlier this year, Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015 highlighted the prevalence of the We Economy, a collaborative new economy that has the potential to place insurers on a path of higher growth for the future. The report identified the importance of digital ecosystems or platforms. Watch this podcast to learn about the role that insurers can play in a broader ecosystem—and the benefits of doing so.

What role can insurers play in a broader ecosystem?

Certainly, it is a shift in thinking from within an insurer’s four walls to contemplating a larger service ecosystem. Insurers that focus on the ultimate objective—creating and maximizing value for the customer—will have an easier time making decisions about their role within such ecosystems.

In summary, insurers have the opportunity to develop a digital business strategy that spans the enterprise, transforms the value chain and enables a transition to true customer-centricity. These capabilities will be key to success in the digital age—and beyond.

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