Mobile technology is advancing rapidly, and its utility as a market differentiator is more prevalent. What does this mean for insurers? A lot. Before consumers even commit to an insurance provider, they’re doing extensive online research. They’re looking for affordability, value and flexibility.

Generali France works with Accenture to develop iPhone application

Mobile technology is changing the way that insurance is sold. Brokers and agents are no longer tied to their desks. With the launch of the insurance iPhone app by Generali France, brokers and agents have real-time access to client portfolios along with detailed information for each client account. With up-to-date information, brokers and agents can offer clients products that meet their exact needs. This personal service goes a long way to developing client trust and loyalty.

Once customers commit to an insurance provider, they expect to be able to use mobile technology to make payments and access their account. Generali France will provide clients with a version of their iPhone app that provides direct access to their accounts.

The Generali France iPhone app was an exciting opportunity for Accenture to leverage our interactive research. Our technical experts at the Accenture Technology Labs consulted on the technical design; our life insurance experts provided input on the scope, user screens and functional design; and our project teams coordinated the business experts, functional experts and technical experts.

AXA Equitable develops insurance apps for women

Other apps are coming on the market. AXA Equitable Life Insurance has launched a series of iPhone and iTouch apps aimed at helping women manage their finances. Additional apps are planned, including a life insurance calculator and a life expectancy calculator. Down the road, AXA intends to bundle all of its apps into an All-in-One Calculator.

These two examples are only the beginning of what is a growing trend in the insurance industry. As mobile technology continues its market penetration, consumers will expect the industry to keep up.

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