The relationship between insurance agent and client can be tricky. As representatives of their insurers, agents must strike a balance between representing the carrier and promulgating their own brand. Unfortunately, according to a recent article in Insurance Journal, many agents are sending mixed signals on their websites, via email, on mobile apps and in social media.

The article points out that “when an agent’s focus is primarily on the point on sale, the moment when a customer receives a premium notice—that process falls into the category of transactional marketing”—and the relationship is compromised and vulnerable to price switching. And although customers want and need the ease of online quotes, phone apps and other conveniences, these digital realities, if not aligned with personal contact, can actually undermine agent/client trust by turning it into a purely transactional relationship, where price trumps all.

The article stresses the importance of providing clients and prospects with multiple meaningful touchpoints in building that all-important relationship.

But with all the talk of digital disruption and the importance of technology in marketing insurance, what’s the best way to strike that delicate balance between ease of use and the personal touch? I’ll discuss this next week.

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