At Accenture, we believe technology will dramatically change the insurance workforce in the years to come as insurers start to require fewer people to handle routine processing tasks, and as the mix of the workforce begins to favor creative thinkers and strategists over administrators and task workers.

Technology is smarter and quicker than ever, and able to do many jobs today that once relied on human intervention. In our recent survey, 86 percent of insurers thought software intelligence will be critical to simplifying IT. Machines are not only faster at making calculations and processing data than humans, but they can also see in the dark and outside of a person’s visible spectrum, hear sounds beyond the range of a human ear and tolerate environmental conditions no human body could.

For insurers wanting to leverage the cloud, using platform-as-a-service can be an effective way to enable agility and increase cost savings. Our research shows that 45 percent of insurers have already adopted platform-as-a-service for development, operational and strategic projects.

And yet it would be a mistake to think that technologies such as drones or artificial intelligence can entirely replace human workers at insurance carriers. Instead, what we will see is people and technology working side by side to achieve better results and tackle bigger challenges.

Technology and people together for better results: Stat 9Technology and people together for better results: Stat 11

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