What are the major challenges in insurance today, and where should insurers focus their digital transformation efforts? Michael Costonis shares insights on The Wall Street Journal’s Business Debate.

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Lockett, chief correspondent of The Wall Street Journal’s Business Debate.

One of Sarah’s questions was about the efforts of some organizations to address marketplace challenges by pivoting to the new—incrementally shifting the focus of their business from their core to new revenue streams. What’s crucial about such a pivot is that it requires:

  • A business model that’s equipped for change so the organization can capture market opportunities.
  • People that are organized around and focused on the right activities to achieve their objectives.
  • Technology that supports the organization and its goals.

In addition, we talked about the future of insurance, from priorities for digital transformation, how to improve the customer experience, reshaping the workforce in insurance and more.

Watch the video—and read the accompanying article—here

Many thanks to Sarah and The Wall Street Journal for having me as a guest.

If you’d like to learn more about how Accenture is helping insurance organizations visualize and industrialize the capabilities required in today’s digital economy, please email me.

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