When it comes to robotic process automation, a holistic, top-down approach is essential for success. Michael Costonis explains in this Insurance Insight of the Week video.

When leading insurers select processes for automation, they don’t just ask if they can automate the process—they also ask if they should. They focus on automating tasks that are the most repetitive, manually intensive and rules-based.

Watch this Insurance Insight of the Week video for a discussion about claims processes that could be good candidates for robotic process automation (RPA).

Some processes are better suited for automation than others

Just like any undertaking, RPA requires strategic transformation. Successful insurers will adopt a holistic, top-down approach that considers program governance, roles, sponsorship and alignment between business and IT objectives.

Importantly, insurers should understand the impact on talent and the uncertainty that process automation may create. When RPA programs are balanced with training that equips people for new roles, they are more likely to be well received. This theme of intelligent automation is discussed in more detail in Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2016

Thank you to my colleagues Charles Whatling and Dan Johnson for their research in this area. Register to download A Holistic Approach to Insurance Automation to learn the five foundations for an effective automation program.

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