I’ve spoken at length about the value of social media for insurers, and my colleague Kevin Kraft has also provided guest blog posts on this topic.

Many insurers have reservations about using social media, and rightly so. As I point out in the Chart of the Week series, social media is not all fun and games. However, that’s not enough reason to avoid it entirely, because the benefits of social media—to attract and retain customers, to recruit employees and to monitor your brand—are enormous.

Accenture has published the Social Media Management Handbook, which addresses the questions that many businesses have about using social media. It’s a practical, pragmatic guide for making social media work for your business, with a focus in five areas:

  • Social media strategy.
  • Marketing and sales.
  • Customer service and support.
  • Core components.
  • Empowering employees for success.

Learn more about the Social Media Management Handbook.

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