A wide range of technology vendors, with experience in robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI), are increasing the power and scope of intelligent automation.

Progressive technology vendors have been quick to recognize the huge commercial potential of intelligent automation. They’ve launched a variety of products and services that harness artificial intelligence and automation technology and offer substantial improvements in business performance and innovation.

Most of these vendors have entered the intelligent automation market with a background in either robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI). Their experience in these contexts is often reflected in their intelligent automation methodologies, products and services.

Leading RPA firms, such as Blue Prism, Automate Anywhere and UniPath, supply products that mimic many of the tasks that human workers perform when using business software applications. Clerical and administrative work, such as capturing, retrieving, consolidating and migrating data, are performed far more quickly and accurately by an automated “virtual workforce” that works around the clock without breaks. This can dramatically increase efficiency and substantially curb costs.

Because workforce automation products engage with software applications in a similar way to human operators, organizations don’t have to change their business and IT systems and processes. Processes can be reconfigured using simple, intuitive user-interfaces. Complex integration, which is often time-consuming and expensive, is avoided.

RPA suppliers, such as OpenSpan and Fusion Robotics & Automation, provide products that can automatically consolidate data from a wide variety of desktop applications in order to complete business processes. OpenSpan, which supplies automation software that supports customer service representatives, was recently acquired by Pegasystems, a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) systems.

Among the major commercial vendors of AI solutions, IPSoft has come to prominence with its impressive Amelia intelligent digital assistant. This AI contact center agent can reply to emails, answer phone calls, converse in several languages, and can learn by accessing information from company manuals, the internet and human colleagues.

Major AI and machine learning toolset and platform providers such as WorkFusion, IBM Watson and Celaton enable organizations to implement intelligent decision-making solutions that handle vast amounts of data and progressively improve their capabilities with experience.

Accenture is an implementation partner of Blue Prism, IPSoft and IBM Watson and has deployed scores of RPA and AI solutions at large organizations, across many industries, throughout the world. Using technologies such as our Cognitive Robotics Solution, Video Analytics Service Platform and Text Analyzer Service, as well as a variety of partner products, we’ve enhanced applications such as customer service, social media analysis, asset tracking, data migration, payments and security. Insurance applications include underwriting and claims assessment.

The closer integration of RPA and AI in powerful intelligent automation solutions will allow insurers, and other big organizations, to dramatically improve their efficiency and productivity. It will also open a wide vista of opportunities to deliver customer services that are personalized and intuitive, and adapt quickly to changing needs and circumstances.

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