Today’s insurance marketplace has been transformed by digital disruption, new competitors and changing customer expectations. Agility helps just-in-time marketers to better negotiate these changes.

Accenture research has found that vast amounts of marketing spend are being wasted: of those individuals reached by marketers, less than 20 percent are in-market customers ready to make a purchase. But making the switch from conventional to just-in-time (JiT) marketing means a shift in mindset and the need to develop new competencies. In this Insurance Insight of the Week, we’ll look at six actions insurers can take to make the shift to JiT marketing.

How to become a just-in-time marketer

Finally, there’s the big-picture need for the insurance marketing function to transition from offering tactical support to driving and shaping the customer experience. In particular, chief marketing officers (CMOs) will need to adopt a greater leadership role within their organizations.

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