Last week, I introduced the idea of reigniting growth in insurance through an effective digital ecosystem; that is, through targeted interactions that seamlessly integrate agency and direct channels.

Accenture research has found that an effective digital ecosystem has six features. Here are three of them

Relevance at scale
It’s critical for a digital ecosystem to be able to understand a visitor’s intent and profile—and as a result, to offer a meaningful, digital experience that drives engagement and increases conversions. This is fairly straightforward for a handful of search terms, but the challenge lies in harnessing the the myriad other keyword combinations.

Continuous optimization
Since visitor preferences change over time and digital experiences evolve, continuous optimization is critical. It differs from multivariate testing and A/B testing, focusing instead on building rich visitor profiles.

Full integration
For optimal results, a digital ecosystem should upload media to the cloud and social networks, while downloading that information to agents and call centers. This includes integrating advanced analytics to determine a visitor’s preferred channel, as well as matching a lead to an agent with shared characteristics or interests.

Next week, I’ll talk about the remaining three features of an effective digital ecosystem.

To learn more, download Reigniting Business Growth in Insurance through Relevant Digital Consumer Interactions.

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