What if shopping for health, dental, auto or home insurance were as simple as searching online and using a gift card loaded with $5000 by your employer? A private health insurance exchange is exactly that—it allows individuals to shop for insurance products that best meet their needs using a contribution typically made by their employer.

Flexible, personalized and incredibly convenient, private exchanges are gaining momentum. In fact, Accenture research finds that by 2017:

  • Private exchange participation will approach public exchange enrollment levels.
  • Approximately 18 percent of Americans will purchase insurance through exchanges.
Public vs. Private Exchange Annual Enrollment
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Recent employer surveys show that more than one in four employers are considering moving to a private exchange in the next three to five years—what do they know that their employees don’t about this model? Next week I’ll examine the benefits and challenges for employers considering this channel.

To learn more in the meantime, download: Are You Ready? Private Health Insurance Exchanges are Looming (PDF; opens in a new window).

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  1. Brian, given the low public marketplace enrollment numbers are predictions that the private marketplace will encounter a much larger growth rate. Referencing the graph within your blog the growth rate over 5 years for the private exchange tracked at 780%, the public on the other hand only tracked at 48% but that was using a 9M 2014 enrollment number. Will this chart be updated following the recent enrollment outcomes and if so – is Accenture witnessing a higher trend for the private exchange? Oh, and your blogs are very interesting and do appreciate the work, insight and energy put into them.

  2. We appreciate your interest in health insurance exchanges. Accenture has not published any updated figures on estimated private insurance exchange enrollments. The original figures for estimated public exchange enrollments came from the Congressional Budget Office. Please check the CBO site for additional information.

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